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TECHNONICOL doubles labour productivity at its enterprises

12.04.2018 Labour productivity at TECHNONICOL plants has reached 14,6 million rubles per employee.

During the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (KEF), TECHNONICOL’s effective practice generated interest among Russian and international experts. Tatyana Bertova, the head of the TECHNONICOL Lean Production Committee, presented the Corporation achievements at the forum. The company reached high productivity due to the programme of lean manufacturing, implemented since 2010 at the TECHNONICOLs’ plants. Over the last 7 years, the economic effect of the programme reached about 7 billion rubles.

«In 2010, when we started to implement the lean programme, the labour productivity indicators were about 7,6 million rubles per employee. Each year the Corporation recorded productivity growth. In 2017, the figures increased twice, reaching 14,6 million rubles per person," said Tatyana Bertova.

She added that lean manufacturing does not aim at cost reduction and savings, but enables analysis and further reduction of losses. For example, TECHNONICOL employees use the 5S system, a simple tool which affects all aspects of the production process. «If you mark tools with different colours, employees will no longer need to waste time on searching a suitable connector, now coloured and easy to spot. Zoning of technical areas and other simple instruments are very useful. Should all tools be used, the effect will not be long in coming,«- commented Tatyana Bertova.

Automation of equipment and business processes is also important. With packing complexes installed at the TECHNONICOLs' production lines, the employees are relieved of labour-intensive duties. Robots do the hard work. «Smart» equipment easily distinguishes high-quality products from defective ones without requiring operator’s participation. The operator does not need to monitor the production line constantly. He therefore can serve several sections of the line. This is another opportunity to increase labour productivity significantly. According to TECHNONICOLs’ experts, eliminating and reducing various types of losses represents a strategy of productivity improvement which allows to save more than 1 billion rubles per year.

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