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TechnoNICOL develops assembly designs for building information models

TechnoNICOL develops assembly designs for building information models 11.01.2017 TechnoNICOL continues to introduce services for BIM. The company came up with the upgraded catalogue of assemblies for Autodesk Revit architectural design software. It contains one hundred 2D assemblies for extraction to user’s projects.

Each assembly unit of the TechnoNICOL Revit Catalogue has a description list and a drawing view to copy into the project. The elements are combined by construction systems, which makes navigation and choice of technical solutions easier. The catalogue provides features for preliminary material cost estimates and reports volume, weight and thickness parameters, as well as thermotechnical calculations. The products of TechnoNICOL form an allocated library and have the TN prefix and a three-digit code: WPR (Water Proofing), VPR (Vapour Proofing), TPR (Thermal Proofing), FPR (Fire Proofing), SPR (Sound Proofing), TIS (Technical Isolation).

The elements of the Revit catalogue graphically correspond to the adopted depiction standards of TechnoNICOL construction systems. The drawings have colored and black and white versions, so that the designer could create a realistic model of a building on the screen and preview its printed copy. The catalogue includes the most popular systems of flat roofs on profiled decking or reinforced concrete, pitched roofs, floors, foundations, facades and walls. The designer can take a basic drawing view from the catalogue and change the necessary parameters and ways of materials’ presentation. The video guide on our official Youtube channel shows details how the system works (in Russian).

“The TechnoNICOL catalogue of construction systems allows to fully use Autodesk Revit functions and to realize the principle of building information modelling which is widely popular around the world and highly demanded in Russia. This will contribute to competitive positions of the Russian building industry”, states Dmitry Mikhailidy, head of TechnoNICOL center for technical design.

In 2016, the Russian Ministry of construction developed the BIM agenda to introduce the information modelling technology into the building industry. The Roadmap forsees the creation of a special standard by Rosstandart, NOSTROY, NOPRIZ and Ministry of construction to control the design, construction and maintenance works. Experts anticipate that the implementation of BIM technology will become mandatory for state contracts by 2019, and one year later the number of projects using building information modelling will grow to 50%.

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