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TechnoNICOL completed the construction of stone wool plant in Rostov region

TechnoNICOL completed the construction of stone wool plant in Rostov region  07.06.2016 The new TechnoNICOL enterprise hosts high guests on occasion of building accomplishment on June 7, 2016. Sergey Kolesnikov, president and managing partner of TechnoNICOL, invites the Governor of the Rostov District Vasily Golubev, representatives of regional and municipal authorities and the Agency for investment development of the Rostov region to the plant TECHNO in Krasny Sulin industrial park.

The new TECHNO plant has recently accomplished the construction phase and started commissioning activities and equipment testing. The amount of company’s investment in the enterprise now reaches 3.2 bn rur. Over 60% of its total load is spent on the technical equipment to ensure high performance and good quality of basalt insulation.
The plant is equipped with advanced technologies. A team of three leading European companies carried out the engineering of assembly units, their integration and further arrangement on the venue. The building and assembling workload took an unprecedentedly short time of 12 months.
“Our key principle is all-inclusive mastership. The corporation is advancing rapidly to bring the Russian building industry up to par with international standards,” states Sergey Kolesnikov. “We consider the most advanced technology and solutions in the field of construction materials. The new plant can be defined as one of the most innovative in Europe and the largest in southern Russia.”
An essential point in every plant construction is to reduce negative impact on the environment. The corporation spent over 127 mn rur on this issue. The plant is equipped with dust and gas purifying installations. The polymerization chamber fits a tail gas incinerator burner to minimize the concentration of allowed industrial emissions.
The enterprise in Krasny Sulin can produce 6 product groups and over 90 types of basalt insulation. Now, its essential goal is to perform product setting, so that the plant could conform to market demands and pass without delay from one type of product to another. We expect this activity to take one month, after which the plant can be put into operation.
The southern construction materials market will soon get the full line of non-combustible insulation for plaster and ventilated facades, pitched and flat roofs, floors, walls, boards for sandwich panels, partition walls, floating ceilings – all for residential and office buildings.

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