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TECHNONICOL reaffirmed the SINTEF Approval certificate for LOGICROOF V-RP polymer membranes

TECHNONICOL reaffirmed the SINTEF Approval certificate for LOGICROOF V-RP polymer membranes 30.04.2019 The tests that were carried out demonstrated that the polymer membranes of TECHNONICOL Corporation fully comply with the strict regulatory requirements of the Norway construction industry.
Polymer membranes of TECHNONICOL Corporation are in demand in many countries. They effectively serve in different climatic conditions. It is confirmed by the experience of using them at thousands of objects in Russia and abroad, and by the tests conducted in the world leading laboratories. The membranes meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. This is confirmed by the audit conducted in the SINTEF research institute, Norway.

In the course of the year the samples of LOGICROOF V-RP were tested in European laboratories to determine the physico-mechanical characteristics, leaching of harmful substances from the material, durability, safety for humans and the environment. Our membranes demonstrated excellent results and their compliance with the claimed characteristics was confirmed. Thus, the flexibility of the membranes on the rebate meets the requirements of SINTEF - up to -30°C. The membranes also showed excellent tearing results - a gap indicator on a nail, which demonstrates reliability in mechanical fastening systems, was at least 180 N.

“TECHNONICOL company succeeds in its development in the Northern Europe market. Our membranes are resistant to extremely low temperatures and have been used successfully in harsh climates. It should be noted that SINTEF Approval is received only by the materials whose quality can have a positive effect on labor productivity and have a positive impact on the standard of living. TECHNONICOL has always been attentive to these issues, which, among other things, allow us to be competitive in global markets,” said Evgeniy Spiryakov, COO, Polymer Membranes and PIR.

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