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Sergey Kolesnikov in his speech to Vladimir Putin highlighted the issue of export support

Sergey Kolesnikov in his speech to Vladimir Putin highlighted the issue of export support 02.09.2016 The Russian President Vladimir Putin held meeting with perspective investors of the Far Eastern Federal District in the course of the Eastern Economic Forum.

Representatives of the largest Russian and foreign companies from various business fields attended the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The event highlighted a wide array of questions around the issue of effective development of the Far Eastern economy.

The president and managing partner of TechnoNICOL, the General committee member of Delovaya Rossiya Public Organization Sergey Kolesnikov told Vladimir Putin about the problems Russian exporters face when supplying their goods to the countries of ATR. An important issue, among other things, is the need to improve the traffic capacity of customs checkpoints in order to deliver products to foreign markets effectively. It is essential to dispatch goods to other countries, especially China, without cargo transshipment on trucks of the partner country. «The TechnoNICOL Corporation has experience working with Europe: our German and Polish colleagues can visit our plants, and our vehicles can reach any European city. When delivering goods to China, we have to transfer the cargo to the boundary on Russian vehicles, and then reload to Chinese trucks. We need an agreement that would make it possible for Russian vehicles to move on the territory of China», stated Sergey Kolesnikov. The third issue concerns subsidies to Russian exporters on certification of products supplied abroad.

Vladimir Putin supported the expressed proposals. He mentioned that an agreement on round-the-clock functioning of customs checkpoint offices was being considered. As for the problem of cargo reloads, negotiations with the Chinese partners are already in progress. «The problem is that the Public Republic of China imposes restrictions on goods’ transfer and dispatch on the territory of China. The general rule is, firstly, that vehicles must move according to designated routes and, secondly, that transfers must be conducted by internal trucking companies. It concerns trucking companies of Russia and other countries as well. Nevertheless, our Chinese friends realize that these natural restraints cause problems to the participants of economic activity. We are now conducting negotiations on how to liberalize this sphere. Hope we reach explicit decisions, as it has to deal with specific manufacturers and specific designated routes. I suppose we find a common ground and our agreement would remove red tape from the manufacturer-consumer product supply chain».

The backing of the exported goods’ certification costs is also under consideration. According to the Russian Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, «we plan to devote the required funds to these expenses by means of retargeting of other support measures that are presently less popular and urgent».

The video episode from the Eastern Economic Forum is available here:

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