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Russia and Italy – uniting of experience

Russia and Italy – uniting of experience 09.04.2014 In the period from 1 to 4 April representatives of TN-Italy visited TechnoNICOL plants in Ryazan, Voskresensk and Vyborg.

Plant Italiana Membrane, recently became a part of TechnoNICOL Corporation, has more than 25 years of experience in the production of bituminous materials and provides its customers a wide range of roofing and waterproofing materials: from roll materials for various purposes up to liquid materials for surface protection and waterproofing. To share experiences with Italian colleagues was organized the meeting, which will allow to compare the production technologies and demonstrate ways to test materials for compliance with EN-standards.

Russia met colleagues from Italy with cold not-spring weather, but this fact has not prevented a to organize warm visit and discuss all the questions. During the visit, the Italian specialists visited plants for the production of rolled roofing materials in Ryazan and Vyborg and appreciated the productive capacity of a new plant for the production of shingles Shinglas. Special impression on the guests made high quality self-adhesive materials.

Each of the parties - the participants of the meeting has contributed to the improvement of production and compliance with current market trends of building materials. Representatives of plants in Russia have demonstrated the benefits of basic principles on which the production sites TechnoNICOL are focused: standards of lean production and principles of «Dao Toyota». This production way, well-organized system of planning and constant modernization of materials to the needs of the customer do TechnoNICOL leaders among manufacturers of materials for roofing and waterproofing. Such experience and production principles should have a positive impact on the development of the Italian branch. From one's part, representatives of TN-Italy shared their knowledge in the eco - oriented production, since many years the plant Italiana Membrane meets the standards of ISO 14001 and produces materials suitable for recycling. Even the process of materials packaging is oriented to the subsequent reduction of waste. Special attention Italian colleagues are paying the production and development of materials for special purposes, which will help expand the product range of TechnoNICOL materials.

This meeting provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experience with Italian colleagues and discuss the materials and technologies used in construction industry of Russia and Italy.

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