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Materials TechnoNICOL in unique projects

Materials TechnoNICOL in unique projects 05.05.2015 In Vilnius (Lithuania) completed the construction of a new business center Sonex Consulting that combines the most advanced and unique technologies.

In the initial stage of construction of the business center "Sonex Consulting" customers has identified the basic directions, which should correspond to the object: the simplicity of design and conception, and low cost of subsequent operation of the building. Particular emphasis was placed on the favorable conditions for future employees of the business center.

The building is located near the Western County highway Vilnius and surrounded on three sides by roads with active movement. In order to ensure maximum working comfort we used a special acoustic window systems aimed at reducing external noise. And now, life behind the Windows is perceived as a "silent movie".

The special effect in the uniqueness of the building adds a ceramic cladding facade panels with a photocatalytic coating. Producers claim that this cover cleanses the air is not worse than the green forest. In addition, this coating has the ability of self-purification - all the settled impurities are washed away with rainwater. "According to the calculations of producers, we have not built a building, but planted 60 acres of deciduous forest, only in a more compact form," joked one of the architects of the project - V. Augustinavicius.

When choosing a roofing special attention was paid to durability and high performance of the waterproofing materials. The reliability of the Sonex Consulting roof will provide waterproofing materials MIDA UNIFLEKS produced at TechnoNICOL plant in Lithuania - MIDA LT. As the bottom layer is used MIDA UNIFLEKS PV S3s, for the top layer - MIDA UNIFLEKS PV S4b. These materials have a lifespan of over 20 years and are suitable for creating new and repair of old roof.

An important advantage of the choice of TechnoNICOL materials was the fact that the plant MIDA LT investing in the development and testing of solutions for flat roofs. On the basis of the research centre in Lithuania are tested roofing systems with the use of waterproofing and heat insulation materials. Thus, opting the ready-to use and tested solution, developers of the new business center chose reliable and proven solution, and also saved money and time.

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