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Leaders of the construction materials market in the Czech Republic are interested TechnoNICOL materials

Leaders of the construction materials market in the Czech Republic are interested TechnoNICOL materials 27.09.2014 During the period from September 15-17, held an official visit to the TechnoNICOL plants representatives of DekTrade (the Czech Republic). The main purpose of the visit is interest in cooperation on the supply of a wide range of TechnoNICOL products to sales offices in the Czech Republic.

DekTrade company was founded in 1993 and has since been continuously developing. At the moment, it is one of the biggest suppliers of building materials in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it has more than 50 sales offices. The main key to success of the company - is the choice of the best building materials, as well as focus on the high level of professionalism, as their specialists as contractors at the sites where the supplied material are applied.

During a tour of the Corporation plant in Ryazan for the guests was demonstrated a wide range of materials that can meet the needs of the most demanding clients, in the plant laboratory conducted a series of materials tests for compliance with EN. When visiting the plant Technofleks, which produces the roll bitumen-polymer materials, of particular interest of the guests was caused by waterproofing materials with ventilation grooves. During the visit to the plant LOGICROOF for the production of polymeric membranes DekTrade representatives could not only see the production of materials, but also to visit the training center, where they were shown the basic tools for installation and applications of PVC and TPO membranes. At the plant for the production of extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON guests were able to appreciate the high level of production lines automation and the possibility of the full recycle of the waste.

All participants of the visit underlined that the visit to the plants, a demonstration of the production process and the results of the tests increased their confidence in the quality of TechnoNICOL materials and agreements reached during the official negotiations, allow hope for a successful and long-term cooperation.


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