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TechnoNICOL Academy Held Open Day at the Training Center in Kazan

31.05.2012 On May 30, 2012 Kazan Training Center of TechnoNICOL Corporation held an open day. The event was attended by heads of Ministries of Housing, Building and Architecture, heads of State Technical Supervision Service, housing specialists, builders, TechnoNICOL trade partners, and representatives of educational institutions.

The guests were toured around the Training Center to see the equipment for practical training meet all modern requirements. The students learn the sound skills of installation and insulation works on roofs and facades of buildings, and of waterproofing of the basements.

The performance of the Center was highly regarded by the representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan and technical supervision services. Everybody noticed the need for training of specialists so they could use the latest technological solutions in practice. Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan Almaz Salimovich Akhmetshin noted the high level of professional training at the Center. ‘Our Republic is a leader in many industries in Russia. We are especially proud that we are the leaders in the programs for industrial development of the building and construction industry. Preparations for the Universiade are in full swing, and TechnoNICOL Corporation plays a significant role in this process. To move forward we need to keep on learning. Our researchers and R&D centers must promote new technologies and knowledge not only for engineers, but for every single worker as well. We are interested in the fact that every builder has mastered this knowledge and put in practice. TechnoNICOL Training Center is one of the leaders in this very direction, and we fully support the Corporation in all its efforts. The place you currently occupy within the system of development and support of professional education, is extremely important for the Republic’.

In his speech Almaz Salimovich made a special emphasis on the fact that contractors trained at the TechoNICOL Training Center work at the majority of the construction sites of the Universiade: a palace of water sports, a stadium for 45 thousands spectators, the Universiade Village, an International information center, a complex of road junctions of Amirkhan-Sakharov, Amirkhan-Chistopolskaya streets, a tank ring, and many others.

Many words of gratitude were said by Gudz Asya Yusupovna, the director of municipal unitary enterprise ‘Technical Supervision Service’. ‘The opening of the Training Center in Kazan and its successful operation for several years, she noticed, is significant contribution of TechnoNICOL Corporation to the development of the construction industry and the system of professional education of the Republic of Tatarstan. Thanks to them, the connection between the basic theoretical building education and the practical component which based on the knowledge and skills of usage of the most advanced technologies and building materials, is kept. Construction industry professionals trained at the Centre gain an enormous practical experience in using the most modern materials; acquire a systematic approach to the construction work. TechnoNICOL Training Centre Certificate in Kazan is a guarantee of the quality of work performed at all construction sites of the Republic of Tatarstan’.

Elvir Gaysovich Davletshin, the Head of TechnoNICOL Corporation Training Division, noted the need for co-operation with the system of professional education. ‘The shortage of professionals who have mastered new technologies, is the key problem in the construction field. The system of training centers and educational programs of TechnoNICOL Corporation are aimed at solving this problem, he said’.

A pleasant surprise for the guests was an award ceremony for the best partners of the Corporation based on 2011-2012 years results. The nominees were:

  • Vyalov Viktor Ivanovich, ‘Kazdomstroy LLC’ - "The most qualified contractor CCM";
  • Tazov Albert Ivanovich, ‘Kazantsentrstroy LLC’ - "The most qualified contractor PGS";
  • Nureyev Marat Abdulkhaevich, MC ‘The Cozy Home’ - "The most qualified management company in housing and communal services";
  • Gudz Assia Yusupovna, ‘Technical Supervision Service, a Municipal enterprise, - "For the high-level requirements to training programs";
  • Mustafin Ravil Yaheevich, ‘NURSIB LLC’ - "The most qualified trading partner";
  • Morozov Alfia Rafisovna, ‘Agave LLC’ - "The most qualified retail trading partner in 2011";
  • Nizamov Rashid Kurbangalievich, Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering - "For the introduction of new technologies in the educational process";
  • Khassan Bay Akcha, ‘Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry’ - "The most significant investment project with TechnoNICOL materials in 2011";
  • Gizzatullin Ildar Nuretdinovich, Sales Department of TechnoNICOL LLC, Kazan - "For a high level of confidence";
  • Mamontov Andrey Valerievich, General Director of TECHNO Plant in Zainsk - "For a high level of product quality".


TechnoNICOL Corporation Training Center in Kazan is located at 44a, Daurskaya Street.

The Center has got demonstration stands for roof, facade and waterproofing construction sandwiches, as well for individual work with different surfaces. Hands-on stands are life-size modeled. They simulate the working conditions for fusing flat roof materials, structures of pitched roofs, facades and basements.

TechnoNICOL Academy enables professionals and students of universities to get enormous practical experience in using the latest materials and technologies of installation of insulating and waterproofing systems, in construction of the roofs, basements and facades.

Thanks to this, the deep theoretical framework obtained in an educational institution will be backed up by practical skills. Each training center is equipped with life-size stands. The stands make it possible for trainees to perfect their skills of installation of sophisticated components and systems and to nail the theory down with the practice.

In addition, for several years TechnoNICOL Academy cooperates with the education system on a regular basis. The specialists from the centers lecture students; competitions are held annually as a part of stimulation of usage of modern technology-based solutions in the students’ graduation projects.

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