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OS 72746455-3.3.1-2012

XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO is the ideal solution for insulating your cottage. It does not absorb water, does not expand or contract, is chemically stable and is not susceptible to decay. This is an excellent thermal insulation material for those who are looking for a quality thermal insulator with advanced characteristics.

The extruded polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO is one of the most highly effective thermal insulation materials. Its high strength and low thermal conductivity make this material highly popular in the construction of cottages and private homes.

The production process of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO makes use of nanoscale carbon particles. Nanocarbon reduces the thermal conductivity of the material and increases its strength. Thanks to being saturated with nanocarbon, panels of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO acquire a dark silver tone and possess a high energy-efficiency index.

The XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO brand line of materials was created for use in cottage and low-rise construction. The line includes special drainage establishment material XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO DRAIN, material for plaster facade insulation systems XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO FAS and material applied in the construction of thermally insulated Swedish plate — TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP. All the materials of this series undergo a certification process in environmental laboratories and have all the corresponding conformances.

The material XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO is insured by the insurance company “Alliance” for up to €1 mil. In line with the terms of the contract, “Alliance” is obligated to provide compensation for harm caused to the life, health or property of the consumer as a result of any flaws in the product. XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO has undergone a voluntary “Life Leaf” certification, which confirms its safety for use in residential construction.

This wide assortment of products includes the following:

  •  XPS TECHNONICOLCARBON ECO SP — thermal insulation panels with increased strength, thickness 100 mm. Used as part of a shallow subsurface foundation system with a system of ready-made utility lines and under-floor heating. “Thermally insulated Swedish plate” technology;
  •  XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON DRAIN is special foundation thermal insulation which provides wall drainage;
  •  XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO FAS is a convenient solution for plaster facades in low-rise construction. The product includes fire-retardant material, reducing the risk of fire. The panels have a special rough surface which provides the best adhesion to the plaster layer.

Scope of application:

XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO is used in cottage and low-rise construction for the installation of thermal insulation in foundations, roofs, and floors, and the insulation of facades.


  • a wide selection;
  • improved thermal conductivity;
  • biostability (resistant to insects and rodents);
  • saves your money thanks to the best thermal insulation properties per m²;
  • saves heat 1.5 times more efficiently than standard foam plastics and 2 times more efficiently than stone and fibre glass;
  • is not afraid of damp;
  • does not shrink over time;
  • does not contain formaldehyde. Discharges no harmful substances throughout its operational lifespan;
  • is scentless;
  • convenient and simple to use;
  • fast to install;
  • stable characteristics throughout its operational lifespan;
  • operational lifespan of more than 50 years.

Types of material

    Test method


Basic physical and mechanical properties

Compressive strength at 10% longitudinal deformation, no less than, kPa GOST 17177 250
Thermal conductivity at (255)0C, W/(m*K), no more than GOST 7076-99 0.029
Thermal conductivity in operational circumstances "A" and "B", W/(m*K), no more than SP 23-101-2004 GOST 7076-99 0.034
Flammability group GOST 30244 G4, G3***
Water absorption, no more than, % GOST 15588 0.2
Modulus of elasticity, MPa SOYUZDORNII 17
Heat capacity per unit mass, kJ/(kg.C) SP 23-101-2004 1.45
Vapour permeability coefficient, mg/(m.h.Pa) GOST 25898-83 0.011
Bend strength, no less than, MPa GOST 17177 0.25
Density, kg/m3, no less than GOST 17177 26-32
Operational temperature,C From -70 to +75
Dimensions* Thickness, mmGOST 17177 20**,30,40,50
Length, mmGOST 17177 1180,1200, 2380
Width, mmGOST 17177 580,600

*- panels of other sizes can be made by agreement with the customer.

**- 20 mm thickness does not assume the presence of an “L”-edge**

*** for use on plaster facades

the presence of an “L”-edge prevents the appearance of “thermal bridges” and improves fastening.

Packaging information:

The panels are packaged in a UV-resistant membrane and delivered on pallets.


Panels of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO can be stored under cover protecting them from atmospheric precipitation and sunlight. During storage under cover, the panels must be laid on pallets, stands, or slats.

Panels of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO can be stored in the open air in special packaging protecting them from external atmospheric effects.

Precautionary measures:

Keep away from fire. Chemically unstable on contact with petrol, organic solvents, and bituminous cement with a high organic solvent content.