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TehnoNIKOL slab for insulating chimneys

TehnoNIKOL slab for insulating chimneys

Application areas

The material is designed to create a vapor-proof box that can remain stable under high temperatures for insulation of high-temperature equipment and flat surfaces of chimneys and stoves.

Description of material

The TECHNONICOL fireproof slab for chimneys is a nonflammable, heat- and sound insulating slab made of basalt rock stonewool.


The slabs must be stored in covered warehouses. Storage under an awning protecting the slabs from atmospheric precipitation is permitted. When stored, slabs should be laid in containers or in piles on pallets or linings. The piling height during storage should not exceed 2 m.


Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyTECHNONICOL Slab for insulating chimneys
Density, kg/m378
Thermal conductivity, W/m*K 100,038
Flammability group*KM0 (NG)
Length, mm 1000
Width**, mm600
Thickness, mm30-200

 *Flammability group for products with foil coating — KM1 (G1).

 ** In coordination with the customer, manufacturing of products with other dimensions is permitted.