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TehnoNIKOL fire protection slabs for metal structure insulation

TehnoNIKOL fire protection slabs for metal structure insulation

Application areas

– Heat insulation and fireproofing of metal structures in civil and industrial applications during new construction and reconstruction of various buildings and structures.
– Increases the fire resistance limit of the bearing metal structures from 60 up to 240 minutes.


Description of material

Fireproof slabs for the insulation of structures made of TECHNONICOL metal are nonflammable, heat- and sound insulating slabs made of basalt rock stonewool. It can be manufactured also with a covering of aluminum foil or fiberglass mat.


The slabs must be stored in covered warehouses. Storage under an awning protecting the slabs from atmospheric precipitation is permitted. When stored, slabs should be laid in containers or in piles on pallets or linings. The piling height during storage should not exceed 2 m.


Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyFireproof slab for metal structure insulation Cylinder
Density, kg/m3145
Length, mm 1200
Width, mm 600,1200
Thickness, mm30-200