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Application areas

Heat insulation of processing pipelines at sites in various industries (including the food-processing industry) and the construction complex. Limit use temperature — +650°C. Flammability group — NG (GOST 30244-94). Used in civil and industrial applications for new construction and reconstruction of various buildings and structures.

Description of material

TECHNONICOL Cylinder is a heat-insulating cylinder made of basalt rock stonewool. Cylinders can be covered with reinforced aluminum foil. In order to ease installation on a pipe, the cylinder has foil overlapping with a self-adhesive layer in a cut place. The lock (cut) of the cylinder can be straight or figured. Indoors, the foil on the cylinder provides a vaporproofi ng function and has a decorative layer. Thus, the joints of the two cylinders are glued using an aluminum adhesive tape.


Store in dry place in boxes on pallets or in separate rolls. Boxes are stockpiled and stored vertically. Store vertically and horozontally in two tiers (no more) indoors.

Types of material

    TECHNONICOL Cylinder 80

    TECHNONICOL Cylinder 120

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyTECHNONICOL Cylinder 80TECHNONICOL Cylinder 120
Density, kg/m370-110 110-140
Thermal conductivity, W/m*C 100,33 0,035
250,36 0,037
1250,46 0,048
3000,85 0,087
Content of organic substances, %, no more than3,2 3,2
Flammability grade*KM0 (NG) KM0 (NG)
Length, mm 1200 1200
Pipe diameter (internal), mm18-324** 18-324**
Thickness, mm20-120 20-120

* For products without a foil covering. Flammability group for products with foil covering – KM1 (G1).

** In coordination with the client, other diminsion types (from 18 up to 1500 mm) can be produced.