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PLOROLL – light, nonflammable, water-repelling, heat- and sound insulating mats made of Stone wool on the basis of rocks of basalt group.

TEPLOROLL is recommended for both residential and industrial buildings as a heat-, and sound insulating material for horizontal, vertical and sloping constructions such as attics, framed crosswalls, siding walls, floors, and dividing walls.





Basic physical and mechanical properties

Compressibility, % not more 55
Inflammability Groupnonflammable
hermal Conductivity at 10 , W/(m.C) not more0,036
hermal Conductivity at 25 , W/(m.C) not more0,038
hermal Conductivity at A-conditions, W/(m.C) not more0,040
hermal Conductivity at B-conditions, W/(m.C) not more0,041
Mass Humidity, % not more2,0
Organic Content, % not more2,0
Length, mm 1000-14000
Depth, mm 500, 600, 1000, 1200
Width, mm 40-200
Average Density, kg/m325-35