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AKSY Plates P-125, P-75

AKSY Plates P-125, P-75

P-125 and P-75 are mineral Stone wool plates on the synthetic adhesive.

Length — 1000 mm
Width — 500 mm
Thickness — 60-80 mm with 10 mm step

They are used in civil and industrial construction as a non-loaded heat- and sound insulation designed for frame buildings, houses and industrial equipment at temperatures of the insulated surface of -60 to +400 C.

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyAKSY Plates P-125, P-75
Density, kg/m376-125
hermal Conductivity at 10 , W/(m.C) not more0,035
Compressibility, % not more12
hermal Conductivity at A-conditions, W/(m.C) not more0,042
hermal Conductivity at B-conditions, W/(m.C) not more0,043
Vapor Permeabilty, mg/(m.c. Pa) not less0,49
Organic Content, % not more4
Combustibility, degreenonflammable

The plates are packed in packs, in polyethylene shrink wrap according to standard-technical documentation. 

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