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Stitched Mat AKSI

Stitched Mat AKSI

Stitched mats are made of Stone wool on the basis of rocks of basalt group with/without facing: M1-100 – without facing, M2-1 – on a metal net from one side, M2-2 – on a metal net on both sides, M3-1 – on a glass cloth from one side, M3-2 – on a glass cloth on both sides, M5 - on paper.

Length — 1500-2000 mm
Width — 1000 mm
Thickness — 50-100 mm, with space of 10 mm


The mats are used:

  • for heat insulation of building constructions, buildings and industrial equipment at temperatures of the insulated surface from – 180 to + 700 C;
  • for heat insulating of pipe lines, air pipes, boilers, etc.;
  • for heat- and sound insulation of frame fillings and dividing walls of all kinds in low-rised wooden buildings, as fire-resistant protection of air pipes and constructions;
  • for heat insulation of refrigerating chambers.

Types of material

    Stitched Mat M-75

    Stitched Mat M-100, actual value

    Stitched Mat M-100, normative value

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyStitched Mat M-75Stitched Mat M-100, actual valueStitched Mat M-100, normative value
Compressibility, % not more55 85-110 40
hermal Conductivity at 25 , W/(m.C) not more0,046 0,036 0,044
hermal Conductivity at 125 , W/(m.C) not more - 0,050 0,065
hermal Conductivity at 300 , W/(m.C) not more - 0,082 0,150
Inflammability Groupnonflammable nonflammable nonflammable
Density, kg/m385 85-110 85-110
Flexibility, % not less70 75 75

The rolls are packed in polyethylene shrink wrap.

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