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TechnoNICOL received diplomas of Lean-propaganda contest

TechnoNICOL received diplomas of Lean-propaganda contest

The results of the Lean-propaganda contest have been announced on November 15, at the 1st Russian Congress Doubling production output: from words to deeds. The contest organizers awarded TechnoNICOL with the 2nd degree Diploma for Original and creative decision and the 3rd degree Diploma for the Best corporate website.

The TechnoNICOL Corporation shares the philosophy of lean manufacturing and actively promotes its principles within the Russian manufacturing sector. In 2016, the contest jury evaluated a series of publications on lean manufacturing in leading Russian media and book.tn.ru, the company’s website devoted to the book «Efficient production in Russia? Yes!». The authors of the book are the founder and the president of the TechnoNICOL Corporation Sergey Kolesnikov, the Head of Logistics of the Mineral Wool business unit Tatyana Bertova and the business analyst Igor Altshuler.

«The company has adopted the best world expertise in effective production and is constantly working on elimination of various wastes and increase of production effectiveness. We pay close attention to the labour productivity figure, which is significantly higher than the average parameter in the sector of construction materials production — both in Russia and Europe», mentioned the president of TechnoNICOL Sergey Kolesnikov in his speech during the plenary session of the Congress. «In 2015, the annual performance per employee in TechnoNICOL reached 13.4 mn rur».

Sergey Kolesnikov added that the strategy of TechnoNICOL is based on the implementation of modern equipment and its excellent maintenance, the commitment to the safety and labour protection principles, the involvement of the staff in the process of constant improvement, ideal quality and service. «The level of service is among the key indicators we monitor on a yearly basis. Presently, from 88% to 95% of orders is executed on time, which is an important parameter of effectiveness and customer orientation. The company’s personnel involvement reaches 80%, which is also higher than at the majority of Russian companies», highlighted the founder of TechnoNICOL.

To promote the lean manufacturing philosophy the company has developed a website book.tn.ru, which tells about the company’s expertise in such issues as customer loyalty, production wastes elimination and product quality improvement. The content of the resource supplements the book «Efficient production in Russia? Yes!» and gives the feedback opportunity with the question and answer section. The topic of lean manufacturing is being continued at the official Facebook page of the company. We would be glad to see you among the readers and followers of these resources.