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TECHNONICOL to build a modern school stadium in Belgorod


The multifunctional sports ground with a total area of more than 2000 sq. meters will appear in Belgorod in 2020. The social project is being implemented by the TECHNONICOL industrial company. In 2018 TECHNONICOL acquired a stone wool plant in the region. Investment for the construction of a stadium constitute 12 million roubles.

The construction of a multifunctional sports field is planned to start in 2018. The project envisages stadium zoning for a football field (1220 sq. meters), a basketball/ volleyball court (530 sq. meters), a workout venue (290 sq. meters), a jogging track (697 sq. meters), a long jump track (18 sq meters).

Construction is planned in three phases. By the end of this year the main volume of works will be completed: land survey work, excavation, sand and gravel dumping, as well as asphalt pavement, installation of curbstones and a drainage system. In 2019 it has to ensure coverage of football and basketball grounds with special rubber material, to install 3D mesh fencing and lighting equipment at the site. In 2020, the rubber coating will continue to be applied to other areas of the stadium, the stands will be mounted, a workout area will be equipped. In the same year, students will be able to go in for sports on the new stadium.

The total investment in the construction of a school multifunctional sports ground reaches 12 million roubles. According to the project, most of them will be spent in 2018.

“For half a year of activity in the Belgorod region, the TECHNONICOL industrial company has done a lot of work in key areas. At the new enterprise we are switching to corporate standards concerning the organization of production and the formation of its culture. The integration program is designed until the end of 2019. It is also important for us to observe the principles of socially responsible business, which takes care of both its own employees and the region of presence,” said Alexey Fadeev, director of ‘Plant TECHNO” in Belgorod.

The decision on the company’s social project in Belgorod was made in June 2018 during the meeting of Sergey Kolesnikov, president of the TECHNONICOL industrial company, with Evgeniy Savchenko, the governor of the Belgorod region.

“It is important to give children the opportunity to go in for sports, improve health in favorable conditions. This is the most important investment in their future. We look forward to the result - the new modern school stadium,” said Alexey Fadeev.