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TechnoNICOL materials are ready to the most serious tests!

TechnoNICOL materials are ready to the most serious tests!

May 31, 2014 in Gargzdai (Lithuania) took place second Lithuanian Powerlifting Championships. One of the stages of the competition was the movement of the platform, loaded with roofing materials, produced at the TechnoNICOL plant in Lithuania - MIDA LT.

Main qualities that characterize the participants of the championship - is the strength, resilience and readiness for any loads. The same parameters are most important for roofing and waterproofing materials produced by TechnoNICOL.

To determine the strongest athletes were used the most reliable waterproofing TechnoNICOL materials. Participants of one of the championship's stages were invited to shift on 20 meters a metal platform with 3 rolls of MIDA Technoelast, which weigh is about 150 kg. This competition was a real challenge even for the strongest men!

According to the results of the championship - winner is representative of Lithuania, where the TechnoNICOL materials deserved recognition and applied on the most important facilities. 2nd and 3rd place shared by participants from Latvia.