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TechnoNICOL mastership on the international stage

TechnoNICOL mastership on the international stage

The official memorandum of the chief building agency of India approves the application of polymer-bitumen waterproofing insulation of TechnoNICOL on national objects.

In July 2016, TechnoNICOL acquired permission of CPWD to supply waterproofing products for public works in India. It concerns the ULTRAPLAST product line, produced in Vyborg plants of TechnoNICOL. ULTRAPLAST is the polymer-bitumen material, designed specifically for Asian countries. Its advantages include resistance to high temperatures that are typical to the Indian climate. ULTRAPLAST with its excellent technical characteristics corresponds to ASTM and EN international quality standards.
The CPWD memorandum approves the TechnoNICOL participation in state tenders for public works and supply materials for administrative offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports and other significant state objects.
The permission to apply waterproofing materials of TechnoNICOL on significant state objects of India represents a significant advance on the eastern market. Just a short reminder, that in June the polymer waterproofing product LOGICBASE passed certification in India. Apart from that, Indian constructors demonstrated interest in thermal insulation boards LOGICPIR and polymer roofing membrane LOGICROOF.
The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is the premier construction agency of India that unites functions of regulator and technical advisor to the Government of India. The agency undertakes the projects of Autonomous Bodies and Public Sector. Its activities are spread throughout the country.