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TECHNONICOL invests over 70 million roubles in a stone wool plant in Tatarstan

TECHNONICOL invests over 70 million roubles in a stone wool plant in Tatarstan

The TECHNONICOL stone wool plant in Tatarstan in 2018 increased the output of finished products up to 2.5 million cubic meters. In the past year the company spent 65 million roubles on the development of the production base and expansion of the export program.

"Plant TECHNO" in Tatarstan produces more than 900 items of stone wool insulation. The enterprise is one of the largest suppliers of basalt insulation in the Volga region and provides products to 49 regions of the Russian Federation. From 2018 the plant has begun shipping to Kemerovo, Belgorod, Pskov, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod regions. The plant develops deliveries abroad, the main regions of supply are Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2019, shipments to Uzbekistan are planned to start.

“The company is responding to the growth in consumption of stone wool insulation materials, both domestically and abroad. Therefore, every year we increase the volume of production. Thus, in 2018 the production volume amounted to 2.5 million cubic meters,” said Andrey Mamontov, director of "Plant TECHNO" in Zainsk.

According to Andrey Mamontov, the total investment in the development of the enterprise in 2018 amounted to 65.2 million roubles. These funds were used to upgrade the technology of production of stone wool and upgrade equipment. In 2019, 72.1 million roubles will be invested in the modernization of the plant.