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TechnoNICOL Far East plant reached projected production capacity

TechnoNICOL Far East plant reached projected production capacity

The TechnoNICOL Far East plant, resident of TPD Khabarovsk, has reached the projected production capacity in January of 2017, reported the director general of the enterprise Petr Oreshko. Shortly after its launch in August of 2016, the production line of the enterprise was working at 70% load from its capacity. During five consecutive months the plants specialists executed monitoring of the equipment and set the working regimes. At present, this work is completed and the production is ready to manufacture 750 000 cubic meters of basalt heat insulation per year.

According to Petr Oreshko, the “TechnoNICOL Far East” has variable loading which depends on the demand of internal and external markets. The production line is set to manufacture 100 articles of new generation stone wool material with minimum time required to transfer from one product type to another.

In august of 2016, the new TechnoNICOL plant in Khabarovsk has started supplies of the incombustible heat insulation to 12 regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia. The first external market of the plant is China. TechnoNICOL won the tender for supplies of basalt heat insulation to a large scale object — the Shanghai tobacco factory. Apart from that, last year the Khabarovsk insulant was first supplied to Canada for an international producer of sandwich panels. At present, the company conducts negotiations to supply stone wool to Japan. In the long term, TechnoNICOL aims at entering the markets of Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam with the products of its new enterprise.