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TECHNONICOL: Export of Russian stone wool abroad has increased 1.5 times

TECHNONICOL: Export of Russian stone wool abroad has increased 1.5 times

The demand for stone wool for thermal insulation of residential and non-residential facilities from European and Asian companies has increased by a factor of 1.5. Singapore and China are among the main importers in the East, Romania and Italy - in the West. According to the analysts of TECHNONICOL, rise of stone wool export, which has started at the end of 2014, is continuing to grow. Following the results of 9 months of 2018, the export volume exceeds the figures for the entire 2017.

“There are several types of stone wool, but it is precisely the construction wool that is best exported. Compared to previous year, the export of this product has grown by one and a half times. The main importers are China, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and almost all of Europe, with the exception of England,” said Roman Kolesnikov, commercial director of Mineral Insulation, TECHNONICOL.

During three years constant deliveries are carried out in Romania and Italy. As Roman Kolesnikov noted, there were more objects in Romania this year, which led to a high need in insulating materials.

Stone wool produced in Russia is competitive in both price and quality. This is evidenced by the demand for this product.

Experts predict that next year export is about to increase at least by 20%. Regarding this, in 2019 TECHNONICOL plans to increase the production of building insulation products, as well as to bring to the European market other types of stone wool.

“We aim to develop more niche areas: technical and shipbuilding insulation, as well as stone wool substrates for growing vegetables. In our opinion, these are the most promising products,” summarized Roman Kolesnikov.