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Experts of TECHNONICOL Corporation conducted a unique training program in India

Experts of TECHNONICOL Corporation conducted a unique training program in India

Experts of TECHNONICOL Corporation showed the company’s innovative materials and the best application practices to applicators, channel partners and architects in India. More than a hundred participants took part in the five seminars, which were organized at four locations of the country: New Delhi, Raipur, Margao and Cochin.

“In early September, TECHNONICOL team has made a trip to India in order to share skills and promote company’s products. It is important to say that it was a team of the true professionals, so even the issues, which seemed too complex or intractable at all, were resolved quickly and completely,” commented Sergey Rodivilov, Head of the Training Center in Lyubertsy, who conducted the off-site training. “India is an amazing country. Each state is unique, starting from history and language and ending with the construction traditions and the materials used, but people are always friendly, interested, and open to new things. The country, in general, has many specific peculiarities: the weather, culture, mentality and even the attitude to time - all this must be taken into account when working with this far region.”

The practical training program was focused on correct application of the company’s materials for pitched roofs: TECHNONICOL roofing shingles, EASYROOFING (APP modified bitumen decorative roofing and waterproofing membrane, which was specially developed for the Asian region), ULTRAPLAST B (torch-on APP modified bitumen underlay membrane), ULTRAFLEX SA (self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen underlay membrane) and Bitumen Prime Coating (Primer TECHNONICOL No.01).

During the training, all participants showed the great interest in high-quality materials and modern application techniques by TECHNONICOL Corporation. Everyone had an opportunity to apply the material with their own hands and ask all the related questions to the trainers from Russia. The seminars also provided a great place of sharing the experience: information and peculiarities of application kindly provided by the participants will definitely help in developing new reliable construction solutions.

Many positive feedbacks were received from the participants after the event. The team of KAKODE TRADING LLP (channel partner, Margao) points out: “It was a great learning experience for our team members as they liked the detailed hands-on demonstration which was provided by the professional trainers. It was the first time a program like this was conducted and we believe it will improve the skill level of our staff and would be very helpful for building up the sales of TECHNONICOL’s materials.”

This training trip was a part of the global program of TECHNONICOL Corporation aimed at increasing the skill level of applicators and improving the quality of installation of the materials produced by the Corporation. This results in increased reliability and durability of the whole roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation system of the construction and, finally, improves the quality of life of people, who are using the buildings and structures with the company’s solutions. The initiative corresponds to the core of TECHNONICOL brand – “Craftsmanship”, which is one of the most important factors of any successful construction.