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All ingenious is simple!

All ingenious is simple!

For export delivery at the Vyborg plant begun use a new scheme for the loading of sea container and new pallets.

It would seem that the sizes of pallets for rolled materials decreased by only 5 sm. from the one side and on 7 sm. from the other side, but it allows to fill the entire volume of 20-foot sea container. All pallets stand in one row and one container holds 24 new pallets!

The cost of shipping the same, but now one container can be loaded on 17% more. And this, of course, beneficial both - for our customers and for our company.

In early August, a new load applied to the containers sent to the Dominican Republic. The other day held shipment to Turkey, following delivery to Lebanon and Dubai will also be carried out under the new scheme. New loading offers great opportunities and more interesting conditions for supply to Ghana, Israel, and generally wherever there seaports.

Vyborg plant - reliable, brave and initiative partner of TN-Europe, thanks to the his ready wit and the ability to fearlessly take on new challenges, abilities of TechnoNICOL's export deliveries become wider and more profitable.